If you are reading this section I have to assume one of two things: either you found my blog on your own, or I invited you and you want to see if, and how much, I am exaggerating about myself. Here goes….

For nearly two decades I have been self-employed as a writing tutor/coach/mentor, as well as in various academic and non-academic subject areas. I sometimes take on freelance projects with busy professionals who want to express themselves more clearly in various facets of their business pursuits. My LLC is Hayward Consulting, and I am always searching for novel and challenging opportunities.

I have a BA in English and Philosophy from Saint Michael’s College (VT), and earned my MFA in writing from Columbia University. I owe a lot of people an awful lot more than I can ever repay for what I do, and who I am. Family, professors, coaches, clients, peers, friends. Some probably know how much they have helped. I expect many do not.

I live in central NJ with my wife, son, and two beagles. I have an orange tractor and I actually enjoy mowing my lawn. I want a Jeep Wrangler in the worst way. I love the sound of my son’s voice when he sings along with a song I am playing on the radio.

And I hope you enjoy what I have to share.